SO…I have been very undecided where to take this blog.. my diet is boring (I eat the same thing unless its a cheat meal), my training focuses on me getting better, faster, stronger, and Junebug is Junebug, so I was kinda bored with this…BUT I think I found something that may not be of interest to all, but the followers that review with an open mind and some vulnerability…may learn something about me and themselves.  


To start my life has taken a turn that I unfortunately wasn’t expecting and not where I thought I would be at 30..NEWLY SINGLE!  YEP! 4 years and 1 dog later I am trying to heal from a broken relationship.  So what to do now…blog about becoming whole again (duh, what else) along with other random thoughts ideas I might have.  


So cheers to being vulnerable (well not me being vulnerable really, but more about my God and what keeps me going)

Some of the things that kept me feeling blessed today:

1. My Church…Vineyard Church of New Orleans

2. Jets win over the Bucs (thats my brother in the photo..First game ball of his professional career) and the points the Defense gave my fantasy team!



3. June sleeping through most of the games so I could keep up with my fantasy league




3. Scripture:  Jeremiah 31:25