I came across this article and since we are spending alot of time doing RDLs on Mondays, thought some of you maybe interested.


TODAY I AM PUMPED! and my shoulders are SWOLL!

Today, I had to find my 1RM for weighted strict pull up..and boy was I pumped!  I’ve known this was a weak area for me, but back in April when I started the ‘SHE’ program from OPTexperience.com it was confirmed.  On  4/22, I was to complete 1RM for weighted strict pull up…I was able to reach a whopping 17# (in addition to my body weight).  Today, I completed again and was able to get to 35# (in addition to my body weight). CONSISTENT hard work and LOYALTY to the program paid off.  Thanks OPT!  


Cheat Meal


If you are friends with me on facebook you know that that pretzel bacon cheeseburger (yes, from Wendy’s) has been stalking me…so I did it.  I worked my butt off and rewarded myself and my body!  I found this article that can give some insight on why a cheat meal can be beneficial.

Cheating to Leanness