lil baby Junebug

lil baby Junebug

This is my new puppy, she is making turning 30 a lil bit easier…

She’s working on her potty training and I’m working on getting back into a routine after a short hiatus from life…This is what I have worked on this week in and outside CF NOLA

a1. Bench press 10×10 rest 1 min
a2. Bent over Barbell row 10×10 rest 1 min

b1. Incline DB bench 10-12×3 rest 2 min
b2 seated hammer curls 20-24×3 rest 2 min

For time:
150 walking lunges
150 situps
100 airsquats
100 sec FLR on rings

30 secs at 50%
30 secs at 85%

Thursday: REST!!!

Also dove into more Ecclesiastes this week:

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15… He requires one thing of you in the face of this uncertainty: Don’t let what you can’t control destroy what you can enjoy.


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